Photography is one part of the story.

Knowing when and where to show it to your friends and followers,
take some knowledge and a lot of experiences.

And this is the reason why I’ve decided to help you. I really love to share my knowledge and see the outcome. To make your life easier, I’ve structured my assistance on three different segments.

Ursha.si as your COWORKER

You run a business where presence on social media is necessary, but you don’t have a clue where to start and how to do it, or you know all this but don’t have time or a person, who will do it.

Well.. I can serve as a coworker. I can help you out establish your profiles and make them work.

Ursha.si as your ASSISTANT

You already exist on social media, but need someone to push everything on a higher level.

I could be your personal assistant, helping you out with my knowledge and experiences, creative inputs, and out-of-the-box thinking, which will help you see your product from the other point of view.


Storytelling is not something that I do, but something that I am.

I have already helped many different brands with creating and using both, mine and their channels to make their product visible. This works especially because a personal touch and experience are added. Some call it influencer marketing, I call it working together.

``Making your profiles look better will achieve better results
and you will for sure feel more comfortable on the market.``

Are you having a brand that needs to have a lot of content,
but there is no budget to pay a photographer every single time?

I can arrange phonephotography workshop for your employees, where I will teach them how to create better content and how to properly use them on social media channels.

Proud to be part of their story.