From seas to trees

June 4, 2019 Urša Drofenik

From seas to trees

Imagine there is no wifi.. imagine there is no signal.. imagine that there is a little house in the forest.. imagine that you meet there with same minded people in search of another weekend adventure. 

Our Fjallraven weekend adventure started in a camp a few steps away from the sea. It was a lovely evening which we used for meeting the team. Half of the participants came from Croatia and half were Slovenians, so there was a lot to talk about, we exchanged our experiences with the mountains and adventures out there.

The next day the party started.. First, we drove into the heart of Gorski Kotar, where we packed everything we might need for the next few days and carry it to the little cabin, half an hour walking from the parking place. It was quite a challenge for most of us, especially if you are spoilt as I am and you are used to traveling around with your car where you don’t really think much about what you will not need and your mind is set on ‘I might need this’.

At the cabin (where we left half of our things) our hike started for real. We did a 6 hours hike through the wilderness of Samarske Stijene. The whole forest is strictly protected and no one is touching it. If the tree falls on the path, you will need to climb over it. And we were not climbing just over the trees.. the whole path is up and down, we were climbing rocks, passing through the narrow places, and admiring typical karst terrain topographic features all the way.

The next day we should do another hike, but the weather stopped us. We decided to enjoy the breakfast a bit longer and slowly return back to the parking place and leave Gorski Kotar a bit sooner.

Our Fjallraven weekend adventure ended with another great experience, new friendships, and another line in my bucket list – Bjele Stijene, see you next time. And it’s true what they say.. there is no wifi in the forest, but you will definitely find a better connection.