Pega joined our home at the beginning of August 2020

We were looking for a dog who is active by nature, suitable for search and rescue work, and most importantly will be our partner in crime in everyday life!

And here she is. A crazy, lovable, and super-active manipulator of our hearts.

Inappropriate and inconvenient

Thanks to Google we came across this interesting breed and thanks to Facebook I managed to find breeders in Portugal and the UK who were willing to answer all my questions.

These lovely, Boxer-Labrador-Vizsla-like dogs are an energetic and affectionate breed. As hunting dogs, Portuguese Pointer Dogs are enthusiastic and dedicated. They work in close contact with their handlers and are known to be devoted companions, sometimes to the point of being “inappropriate and inconvenient” in their affection. They are very sociable and devoted to their owner.

Having a dog that literally moves in 3D is quite new to me, but it is slowly becoming a new normal. I just have to apologize more often to people we meet because Pega’s original name is ‘Ups’.

``Sometimes, she’s a crazy dog.
Sometimes, she’s the best dog you’ve ever seen.
On the other days, she has to be both.``

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