Let's face the fact

The most used useful tool on your phone is your camera.
And if we are facing the other fact, the far best camera is the one that it’s always with you,
we get the perfect tool for creating memories on the go, a phone.

Those small devices are becoming more and more useful and can,
in some ways, replace semi-professional cameras.

I must admit that there was a period in my photography career when I’ve decided to put the proper camera aside and challenge my phone in a way to create memories from my trips. Usually the ones on a mountain bike or just an ordinary hike, where I ‘travel light’, without a huge backpack and any other not needed stuff that would slow me down. The result was great and with a bit of help of editing tools even greater!

Today I’m sharing this knowledge with you in my workshops. My goal is to inspire you, give you some new crazy ideas about what you can do with your phones, and help you to move a bit out of your comfort zone.

An interesting add-on to my workshops, where I usually lose all my participants, is the editing part. I will show you the apps that do the magic and will teach you how to make your photos look even more stunning than before.

PhonePhotography workshop

is suitable for anyone, who needs a bit of inspiration or would like to learn something new.


You can join the workshop at one of the open events, that will be published on my Facebook page.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can always contact me and ask when will be the next workshop date.



Are you running a business that needs a lot of content? You have people who are capable of creating it, but they would need some useful guidelines?

I can run this workshop as part of your creative teambuilding and inspire your colleagues to create better content in-house.


You are a group of friends, who would like to have a specific workshop, dedicated just to your needs? Do you have that friend who will be more than happy to get a workshop birthday present? Or you are a mum of a teenager and would like to make her/his birthday a bit special? Everything is possible, just contact me.

Companies and partners

Which already organized PhonePhootography workshop with me for their employees or clients.


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