MTB Sorca

September 8, 2019
Posted in Photography
September 8, 2019 Urša Drofenik

MTB Sor’ca

Leave the road, take the trails and enjoy the views.

Exploring one of my favorite hills in a bit different role. This time I was intentionally looking for perfect spots to catch the perfect photo instead of just driving through while enjoying the trails and taking photos on the way.

Soriška Planina is for sure one of the perfect locations where you can get all in one – proper single trails (to which you can easily access) and lovely views. For those who would like to get a bit more advanced MTB experience, there is also a downhill trail from Lajnar, to where you can get with a chairlift (working during the weekends) which can, of course, be used also to continue your trip to Možic and other must-go places around there. And while are you already there, stop at Brunarica to enjoy traditional Slovenian mountain food and a cozy atmosphere.

Photos were taken during an MTB filming day for Soriška Planina. Our day started before the sunrise and ended up an hour after the sunset. In a team like this, everything is possible and I look forward to working with these guys again.