Visit Izola

April 19, 2019
April 19, 2019 Urša Drofenik

Visit Izola

It’s been a while since I was spending my weekends at the coast. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this lovely place.

Izola used to be my second home. We’ve been sailing almost every weekend, if not on the regattas there was always a good excuse to go down there for training or two. It was always fun. And this was one of the reasons, why I didn’t think twice when there was an option to go visit Izola again.

A lot has changed, they are working hard to make Izola nicer and nicer, every year, and I’m really happy that the spirit is still there. Izola has something more, it’s not popular as Piran and it’s far away from what Portorož is. It’s a special place, a town full of tiny photogenic streets, a port with a great history, and all those proud special people who live there and believe that they are especially different from all the other Slovenians.

Our two days in Izola was a nice balance between being active, eat good food, relax and enjoy the view.. at all possible places, even from the sauna at the hotel.

As long as Izola was a synonym of sailing for me, it is much more than this. It’s culinary heaven, it’s a destination for active people, it’s a place where you will find peace.

If you are thinking about visiting Izola, I do recommend doing it out of top tourist season as you will have a chance to find your perfect spot for enjoying the sunset or to take a walk in the nearest natural park, where the views above the sea will be just for you.

Visiting our coast can offer you one more thing, on the way there or when you will hit back, you can stop somewhere at the karst edge where you will have a chance to have a view above the whole Slovenian coast and even further if you are lucky enough.

A quick guide on what to do and where to go if you will visit Izola:

Where to go: Strunjan Kross – White rocks beach – Strunjan Landscape Park with salt pans – Izola lighthouse – Museum Izolana – you can also visit Koper, using an old road

Accommodation: Renovated Hotel Cliff Belveder will leave you speechless

Food: Restaurant Kamin (new restaurant with delicious food with a perfect view) – Restaurant Sonja (the best pasta with truffles, don’t forget to ask for a fish soup) – Restaurant Gušti (pizza and pasta) – Restaurant Doro (if you are not fish lover, they will save you here with best čevapčiči at the coast)

For more hints, click on Visit Izola webpage, or send me an email, I will be happy to help.