Portugal by van

April 11, 2019
April 11, 2019 Urša Drofenik

Portugal by van

It was time for another adventure, it was time for another road trip. This time we decided to explore Portugal by van.

Our road trip started in Porto, where we took the train to Lisbon and enjoy the city life for a day. Without any plan, with just basic tourist needs – find something to eat, drink a beer or two (with a view) and sleep, we ended up spending the whole day in beautiful Alfama.

After Lisbon, we hit the road. Plan this time was to explore the national park on the southwest coast of this lovely country. And after all, we got quite lucky with the weather, as the forecast was showing rain rain rain and rain for the whole week.

Running from a rain shower to a rain shower we managed to visit several breathtaking beaches. Some of them were full of surfers, some of them were there just for us. Looking at the photos makes you jump into the sea, swims along the beach, or just use a beach towel for sunbathing.. well cold water and chilly wind were there to forget the idea in the next few seconds.

Our partner in crime, home on wheels, and our transportation for these four days was a van, rented out in Portugal by van. I must say that having a van for this kind of trip was the best possible option for us. For sure we could go with rent a car and then searching for accommodation every night, but this was much easier. We were planning a day hour by hour, without a plan, as we were able to find a place to stay or sleep almost everywhere we want.

Every trip has an end and so it does this one. After a lovely evening spent with friends close to Lisbon, we returned the van the next morning, made a short walk around the Expo area, and caught the train back to Porto.

And Porto was our last stop of this trip with the same plan as in Lisbon – explore the city, find something to eat, drink a glass of wine or two, and fall asleep before a long way home.

Sunny moments, windy days, rain showers, and all adventures were collected while following this route:

Porto – Lisbon – Praia Grande de Porto Covo – Praia de Almograve – Carrapateira – Praia do Amado – Praia da Cordoama – Praia Da Murraçao – Lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente – Sagres – Vila do Bispo – Ingrina – Praia da Ingrina – Praia do Barranco – Praia da Boca do Rio – Ingrina – Pedralva – Cascais – Lisbon – Porto