``Storytelling is not something that I do,
but something that I am``

I love photography, but more than photography I am interested in creating stories and sharing them with friends and followers. I love to show my personal experience, no matter what, testing a new product, discovering a new destination, or creating some photo content on request.

Interested in my work?

Let’s do it together!



We are all in need of quality content. Nowadays it is not enough to have studio photos of your product, you need to show user experience on your photos.

If your product relates to my lifestyle I will be more than happy to create some photos and share them among my followers.



Brand ambassadors help to spread the brand’s message among their friends and followers.

I am taking this job really seriously and am successfully building a reputation in the field, where they need it.



Are you running a unique destination that needs some social media awareness? Do you need some quality photos which you could share on your social media accounts?

I can help you with both. By staying at your place I will create a perfect storytelling blog, supported with lovely posts.

I can offer you a full pacakge.

A blog post, social media reach through my followers,
and content that you can use for your needs.

So, let's get in touch!