I'm Urša.

Landscape architect by profession,
Photographer by passion,
Search and rescue by choice.

``From landscape architect, through corporate life,
to content creator.``

Starting from the official title, I’m a Landscape Architect. But I’ve been working in different fields, from being part of the corporate world for 5 years to living an agency life in one of the biggest Slovenian marketing agencies.

It seemed I found my dream job when I worked as a content and team manager at Elan Skis, but all the puzzles fit together when I’ve joined Alliance Action Sports Experts team as a marketing manager, where I am slowly turning into what I suppose to be – a landscape architect, helping to bring the sport (I love the most) closer to the people.

``A landscape architect by profession,
but a photographer by passion.``

Being behind the camera seems natural for me. I’ve been involved in photography since primary school. Building my knowledge hand in hand with the technology I’ve also managed to find my passion – sharing my knowledge.

I’ve started running phone photography workshops which grew into workshops for companies that need help with creating their own content. Today I am organizing both, PhotoEscapes for individuals and PhonePhotography Workshops for smaller or bigger groups (companies).

``Search and rescue
is not a hobby, it is a way of living.``

Let’s touch also my other part of life where I’ve dedicated my free time, or better to say, my lifestyle, to the search and rescue team.

At the moment I’m training my second dog to become a search and rescue dog. It all started with Mona, who was my partner in crime for 7 amazing years. And now I’m passing on all the knowledge to another amazing dog, Pega, who joined our pack in 2020.

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Being in the right light at the right time is one part of the story, the other one is being able to catch that imperfect moment perfectly.

You can book your photo session by sending me an email or a private message on one of my Social media accounts.

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My idea of workshops is not only to inspire you but also to show you how to look at things from the other point of view.

I’ve been running PhonePhotography workshops since 2016. You can read everything about them at the link below.

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Content is a king, but distribution is a queen (and she wears the pants). And I’m their princess who has been learning from the best.

Storytelling is not something that I do, but something that I am. You can read more about how can we create a perfect story together, at the link below.

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