I ski like a girl

February 11, 2020
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February 11, 2020 Urša Drofenik

I ski like a girl..


.. and I like it.. or better to say I was brave enough to find something new I suck at.

Ski touring was and still is on my high priority wish list. I start skiing as a kid and was never one of those who would spend half of the day searching for powder while there was still fun on the slopes. But, eventually, I found on-piste skiing as a bit boring and was just a matter of time when I will make a step ‘on the other side’.

First, I’ve rented skis from a friend for 3 seasons and used them 3 or 4 times. It felt good so I’ve decided to buy my own skis 2 years ago. And after that, they were used mostly when I was attending our search and rescue dog avalanche courses and of course, when I decided to ski with nice-looking skis on-piste, with the full awareness that this will not be the best decision made that day. And then.. a new job happened and I got the opportunity to actually start making my dreams come true.

It happened at the beginning of February. We organized Elan Touring weekend for women only. 10 girls at a mountain hut in a middle of winter fairytale, 2 sunny days, and yes we also found some snow so we couldn’t complain at all.

And so my wish come true. I survived two days of suffering uphill, earned blisters, had many of ‘why the f**k do I need this’ moments.. but the view at the top always pays off and when I manage to get the grip with skis on the terrain, which helps you look like you are standing on skis at the very first time, I knew I will suffer more, as I’m not willing to give up. All I need at the moment is proper winter and a partner(s) in crime to continue where we ended.