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As a photographer and storyteller, I am able to support products, brands, or services all over the world. I’ve been doing this for the past 8 years and it became my passion, where I just can’t wait for the next opportunity.

A landscape architect by profession,
photographer by passion,
search and rescue by choice.

Read more about what has a landscape architect do with content management and how I end up being part of the Search and rescue dog association.

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In need of quality content, social media help or you are interested in PhonePhotography workshop? Just read on!


Content is a king, but distribution is a queen (and she wears the pants). And I’m their princess who has been learning from the best.


Photography is one part of the story.
Knowing when and where to show it to your friends and followers, take some knowledge and a lot of experiences.


My idea of workshops is not only to inspire you but also to show you how to look at things from the other point of view.

My life with Pega

Remember your parents teaching you not to talk with strangers?

Well, in 2020 I found strangers online who become my extended family on the other side of Europe!

It started with finding a rare breed on google, reading everything about them, finding breeders on Facebook, getting in touch with them, getting that crucial photo of a dog named Ups.. and yes, ups, she flew all the way from Portugal to our home.

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Created between seas and trees, and all over the mountains.