with me

Are you traveling to Slovenia

and would like to see places which are not marked on tourist maps?

You are a photographer

and would like to take amazing photos from breathtaking places?

Would you like to upgrade

your phone photography skills and learn how to edit your photos on the go?

Extraordinary places are out there waiting
to be discovered by you, to be your lost paradise.

I’ve been searching for remote places for many years and got a great feeling of where and when to go to catch the perfect light, to see the place in its best possible way. On which hill to climb to catch the sunset and where would be the place to go to enjoy the sunrise.

As there were quite many requests from people who are following my IG account, I’ve decided to create this page and let you know, that I will be more than happy to help you get that shoot.

It could be a private full-day tour, where I will be your guide and show you places, or I can guide you on remote by sending you pins of parking spots, lookouts, and recommendations where to eat or sleep.

Contacting me to help you out with planning your trip can save you a lot of time scrolling down the Instagram feed, asking for locations, and most of all – the fear of missing out will not be present at all.

If you don’t have the whole day and would just like to catch the sunrise or sunset close to your current stay. I can also help you here, just drop me an email and we will try to find a way how can I help you catch that golden hour.

I have prepared three different programs

To show you our beautiful country

All this is possible!

Reach me out and let’s make a plan!