August 18, 2021
August 18, 2021 Urša Drofenik

5 steps to convince your boyfriend you need to get a van

If you live an active lifestyle, you will understand. If you are frequently asked if we are ever coming back, when he sees all the bags, you will understand. If you …  oh well, you will get it.

1st Get the basics

What a ‘vanlife’ actually means? Why would you ever wanna have a van?

Well, vanlife is not reserved only for hippies and retirees, it suits anyone who wants more freedom. It also doesn’t need to be that you leave your home and just switch to this gypsy life on the road. It could only be your way of transporting during the weekends, vacations.

I believe that with this kind of traveling you get more freedom, more options, independence, everything you need is with you, sometimes it might push you out of your comfort zone, but most of the time you will get more than you ever dreamed.

2nd Rent a van

Often! Whenever you can.

It’s a really really great option for traveling around. You don’t need to worry about where you will sleep (most of the time), you can wake up at the most amazing places, and you can feel the real meaning of freedom. Here you can read how we were exploring Portugal by van a few years back to get a whole picture.

Renting a van is also a great way to figure out if this actually works for you and is not just something other people are talking about. Honestly, vanlife isn’t just roses and unicorns. If it’s raining for a longer period it can go bad (but this goes anywhere you go). If your travel buddy is not really the right person to travel with, it can get messy as there’s no much space for moving away (hey, a great way to meet your future ex). If you love to explore cities then this might not be for you as vanlife suits more to exploring nature (but there’s always a place for a bike, that can take you from the van directly to the city center).

3rd Show how useful it is

Book a weekend getaway. Bring all the toys. Have fun.

We did that! I got a van from Ford Slovenia. They have supported me with a lovely FORD Tourneo Custom Active, which was ours for the weekend getaway. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to test their version of the properly equipped van for a proper vanlife experience (this model will be available really soon!), but we got that spacious, practical, and fully equipped van which helped us make our weekend getaway more interesting.

He went kayaking, I went biking and Pega was there as well. And yes, I got that ‘are we ever coming back’ look when all the bags were packed and ready to be placed in the van. This time without usually much-needed Tetris experiences.. everything fitted in and I could pack even more.

4th Let him drive

Not just that you have time making photos, but also enjoy all the comforts you get in this spacious van.

Switching from a normal everyday car to a van might be scary for some. And here’s the chance he will see that driving a van gives you more control, more visibility, and most of all you feel much safer.

Oh.. and of course you need to seat behind the wheel as well. What’s sexier than a girl in a big car? And I must say being shuttle honey with a van definitely gives you more points.

5th Keep on dreaming about it

If you wish for something really bad, it might happen your wish will come true. Not tomorrow, but one day for sure!

I must admit that van is for sure a bigger wish for me than for him. What we agree on is that none of us would like to have (or would need – which could be convenient) a van instead of a daily car. We would have it as a third vehicle and with our current tempo, we would not use it much. So we decide to do a compromise, we will keep on renting vans as a way of traveling. And maybe one day, we will figure it out, we need it every day.