Winter’s not over

May 20, 2020
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May 20, 2020 Urša Drofenik

Winter’s not over

I am not a morning person until there is drama in the sky with diamonds..

In other words.. I woke up at unhuman hours to get back to where I belong – on top of the mountain, with a sew view on top.

This year is different.. after two months of being at home.. one month of living on the edge of our Municipality because of the lockdown.. canceling every plan we had on a job or personal level.. it feels good, very good that we are able to stand on skis on our home mountain.

Kanin is actually the first ski resort that reopened after Covid-19 did the tour around Europe. We are privileged that we have an option to ski on natural snow at this time and to continue working on what we started. And here’s just a few shots of the first ‘after Corona’ gathering with this lovely team.