Ups, we did it

August 4, 2020
Posted in Pega
August 4, 2020 Urša Drofenik

Ups, we did it

The decision was not easy at all, but our home was just too clean and empty, and not to mention walks in the forest which just didn’t make any sense. So here she is, our new trouble maker – Pega.

Thanks to Google we found this interesting breed and thanks to Facebook I’ve managed to find breeders in Portugal and UK who were willing to answer all my questions and doubts.

Portuguese Pointers are quite an old breed but mostly present in Portugal, UK, and the USA. So when we decided that this is the dog we want it was quite a challenge to get one, not to mention all the Covid-19 country restrictions. But there she was, one of the three puppies who were looking for their new happy and active owners. Once we received the photo of her, we knew this is it. The only thing that left was, how to get her on the other side of Europe.

The first idea was of course ‘Let’s drive to Portugal!’, but at that time the whole of Portugal has been colored in red and you needed to go to 14 days quarantine if you have entered the country, so we needed to make a plan B. We found a direct flight from Lisbon to the closest airport, which seemed to be Vienna. All has been set. We were counting down the days and looking at the photos, breeders were sending to us. And just 3 days before the D day, our happy flight was canceled and we needed to find another solution, which was even better. She arrived safely in Venice on the same day we have planned.

The whole journey was quite stressful for her. She has been in transit for more than 12 hours. But I need to say that everyone who was involved in this, did an amazing job. Tamara and Tiago packed her safely, so she survived the whole journey when she was in the hands of the airport. And when she came to Venice,  we were waiting in front of the cargo doors, so she was in our hands in no time.

So here she is. Still a bit unsure what just happened, but already showing us her true colors.