Towards no WiFi zone

August 8, 2019
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August 8, 2019 Urša Drofenik

Towards no WiFi zone

This weekend falls into the category of places without WiFi, signal, and electricity.. some would call it a nightmare, but for us was a perfect place to escape from the valley full of tourists, messy roads, and busy streets.

We spend a weekend at this very special place, which is a home of the best cheese and cottage cheese you will be able to find around. This is where everything starts. Happy cows with the best view over the valley and a really carefully build community that is taking care that everything is running as it should.

The village was rebuilt a few years ago after some of the houses were burned down by the fire caused by a bolt of lightning. The village consists of the main building where everything is happening – the minimalistic fireplace which is the main heating place of the house and a place where the delicious food is coming from. Around the main house, there are a few smaller houses, which has a double meaning – on the ground floor, they are barns for cows and above them, there is a place for shepherds and their families who were helping around the village and taking care of the milk, making cheese and all the other tasty products.

At this time we were unfortunately all alone as they moved cows to another green field in the area. We were exploring the surrounding mountains and chasing raindrops while we were searching for the perfect views. Spending a weekend in a place like this is for sure an experience worth trying and repeating, and not just for a weekend.