These magic mornings

August 29, 2019
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August 29, 2019 Urša Drofenik

These magic mornings

Sleeping is overrated. Especially on a day like this, when you get a chance to enjoy a peaceful morning in the most crowded place in Slovenia.


This story about the morning glory always starts with a bit of adrenalin as you never know if it will work or not.. will you sleep through your alarm, or there will be a huge cloud just in front of the sun, or even better – there will be a foggy morning and it will clear up, just when you will leave the place.. but one thing is sure, there will be no traffic jam and you will bearly see people walking around at that hour.

And when everything turns out to be ok, you get this perfect easy rowing on a lake in a colorful morning, with breakfast on top.

This activity cooperates with eBike Tour and Vila Bled.