About Pega

February 20, 2021
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February 20, 2021 Urša Drofenik

About Pega

When we were searching for a new dog, we had an idea of a mid-size, short hair, preferable light brown to fox red color (so you can’t see hear all over the floors). He wanted to have a sausage dog and I wanted to have a labrador.. and here we are, owning a Portuguese pointer (PP).

When I was reading about those dogs, everything sounded perfect, almost too good to be true. But from time to time, there was a comment in PP group on Facebook,  which put me back to reality. One of them was: “They are such great dogs, but you are always walking alone on your walks.” and I must admit, it’s true. In the life of PP everything is about birds. They can watch and chase them for hours, and my real question was, where am I in this movie?

Having a dog that literally moves in 3D is quite a new thing for me.. but it is slowly getting a new normal. I just need to apologize to people we meet more often, as her original name is ‘Ups’.

We are constantly fighting for attention and slowly making a progress. But what I am happy about is, that when we are at SAR training, she works perfectly. She uses all her hunting genes to find people hiding in the forest, under the rubble, or even under the snow. And she is doing that even if there are birds around. She loves snow and doesn’t care about the rain (so far).

It’s really great having a dog that’s unconditionally happy about everything. Sometimes she is a bit too excited and really can’t stand still even for a second.  So everything that I am actually doing with her is teaching her how to control herself and stay calm in specific situations. And believe me, this is harder than you think.