A taste of winter

January 4, 2018
Posted in Photography
January 4, 2018 Urša Drofenik

A taste of winter.. A taste of magic..

When it snows, you have two choices, shovel or make a snow angel.

Or you can just go to the mountains and suffer a bit while walking in this cold weather, oh and that feeling when you don’t feel your toes anymore.. But imagine being out there, just facing the fact that you have missed the sunset and then suddenly everything around you changes color, everything becomes red, purple, orange… and all you can do is just stop and stare.

Last few weeks I have been collecting these moments.. sunsets, sunrises and all that it is in between. Some of you would ask me, why? But all I can say is, look at the photos and you might understand.

Velika Planina

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Planina Kofce

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Photos were taken with Canon Eos 6D mark II