Winter wonderland

21 februarja, 2016
Posted in Mona, Mountains
21 februarja, 2016 Urša Drofenik

Winter wonderland

Another 24 hours escape was done. I was looking forward to this weekend for weeks and at the end it happened, that I didn’t know if we will manage.. but we did. Mona’s paws were ok and she was that happy dog on the snow again.

We start walking up there on saturday afternoon and found that little mountain hut just before the dark. This weekend gang was already there, playing cards and having fun and it took us just a little to fall in.

Sunday morning started as it should, with blue sky, no clouds and warm breeze. Some of the gang went skiing, some snowshoeing and some of us went slowly down to where we came from with a huge smile on our face, hoping that we left that good impression so we will get an invitation for this winter wonderland escape also for next year.

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Photos taken with Canon EOS 5D mark III