Sun(y) day

15 oktobra, 2017
Posted in Mona, Mountains
15 oktobra, 2017 Urša Drofenik

Sun(y) day..

It is this time of the year when a golden hour turns into golden weeks, it is just perfect time to get up there and enjoy.

And so it was.. another sun-day to remember. We choose to go to the place which is not that popular (yet) and it also paid off that we were not early birds. We were mostly meeting people already going down from the mountain. We met a few at the mountain hut, but after that.. we had everything just for ourselves.. the views, the mountains, the moments.. and I must say that this escape was also something special as no one complain about getting lost a bit.. about discovering new places, new paths.. and this is how I found my new favorite round tour up there. Need to get back in winter.. this season for sure!

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Photos were taken with Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II