Snow much fun

29 januarja, 2018
Posted in Mona, Mountains
29 januarja, 2018 Urša Drofenik

Snow much fun

There was a weekend.. a weekend getaway with girls.

As we come from different parts of Slovenia the only chance to see each other was to arrange a weekend on a lovely location, away from all the factors which could disturb us. Just nature, dogs and us.

And so it was.. a call for action. We set the date. Ok, we moved it 3 times, but at the end, we managed to spend an active weekend together at Pokljuka in a lovely house surrounded by snow. We took all the toys with us.. skis for tour skiing, skis for cross-country skiing, snowshoes… but at the end, we were discovering Pokljuka ‘just’ by foot and even managed to get on our first above 2000 peak this year. The whole weekend was mostly in a ‘let’s get lost together’ style so even reaching both mountains was kinda fun, as we were enjoying the view on our own, away from the official peaks which were full of people.

I really like it when it comes from the idea to action.. and I hope we will manage to turn this ‘Grils just wanna have fun’ weekend into something that happens more often.

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