7 novembra, 2017
7 novembra, 2017 Urša Drofenik

When sideways are more attractive than highways

and when everything just falls into the right place. We will for sure remember this roadtrippin’ in November…

It was a week off.. weather forecast looked promising.. our van from Balkan campers was ready to go.. and so were we. The route was not set.. but idea was to spend some days on the island, close to the sea.. meet some friends.. go on hike around the island.. some stand-up paddle was also on the list.. and of course, setting up the fire and enjoying the moment with breathtaking views in a perfect company.

After two nights on the island, there was time to move on, mountains were just around the corner and were calling for hiking. And we did it.. the first sunset hike on the southern part of Velebit ended up in totally wet clothes.. and a bit challenging decision what to do when your van is not acting as it should. I need to mention that renting up this kind of van is also taking a risk of a bit bigger adventure. And this is how we took it. The evening ended up with a bottle of wine and playing cards.. we decided not to make any stupid ideas and just stay where we are and solve the problem next day. At the end, everything turned to be ok. Van batteries filled up on the way down from the mountain so we managed to hit the road again, this time towards the northern part of Velebit. The scenic road took us up there where we just couldn’t help ourselves and went on a hike again. Velebit is for sure one of the places where we need to come back and discover it more. It is not the same as our mountains, especially when it comes to mountain huts, so don’t forget to bring your own food. But the scenery.. this is what we will for sure return for.

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Photos were taken with Canon Eos 6D mark II  // Video was made with GoPro Hero5 and iPhone7