Save best for the last

3 januarja, 2018
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3 januarja, 2018 Urša Drofenik

Save best for the last

.. and spend the last days of the year in a remote mountain cabin away from all the crowds.

The little house in the middle of nowhere, covered with snow was our home for the last two days of 2017 and the first day of a new year. Due to weather conditions, the whole valley and all above it stayed without electricity for a few days, which meant that we were prepared on the worse case scenario: Carry all the foods and drinks up there, get really close to each other due to limited heated places in the house and without all devices which needs to be charged (mobile phones,…). But it ended up just perfect. Although we needed to carry all the foods and drinks up there, we got the electricity and managed to get close to each other even with charged phones and a bit of lack of an alcohol. I must say that I really didn’t expect that none of us who decided to spend a new year up there, didn’t even think about staying at home.. it was all in a ‘let’s go on a adventure’ mood and it was totally worth it. I wouldn’t change this amazing place and people for anything else.

Thank you all for being part of my adventures in 2017.. no matter if this means being there with me or just by watching the photos. It means a lot to me in both cases. I wish all of you another amazing year full of adventures and stories for your (or someone else) grandkids!

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Photos were taken with Canon Eos 6D mark II