Once upon a time

2 aprila, 2018 Urša Drofenik

Once upon a time, there was a house..

A lovely wooden house right next to the forest, on a hill, with a view above the whole valley.

In the house, there was a fireplace right next to a cozy sofa. And everything you could see around you fitted in its place and it looked just perfect, from the tiniest detail in the house to the big dining table full of good food.

Well.. this was not a dream, this place actually exists. It’s called Šumska Vila and is placed in Mrkopalj. Not that far away from a place you at least heard of, Delnice. It is true that it is on a remote location, from my point of view, in the middle of nowhere, but this is what I like about it. Discovering new places. Exploring unknown.

Winter was or better to say, still is, a bit longer this year, so our plan of discovering the area failed a bit as roads were not cleaned yet. But the scenery is perfect. If there is enough snow you can still ski or when it gets warmer place is just calling to explore it with a bike. Well.. even if you just stay at the house you will not do anything wrong. There is a sauna on the top flor of the house and jackuzi just infront of it. And don’t forget that you are still on Balkan, barbaque place it’s a must have place right next to every home and this one is no exception.

If you are looking for a place to relax.. a place to feed your soul.. a place to treat yourself.. you definitely need to book this cozy home for a few days.

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