Instagram sLOVEnia Tour

Looking to impress your friends with the best shots from your vacations in Slovenia?
You love to travel and take Instagram-worthy pictures in amazing locations?
Then this tour was made for you! Let me show you the top locations in my home country.

Finding the perfect locations and taking the right sort of pictures for your Instagram is an art form

I will be your personal guide during the day and will take you on an amazing exploration of my country, where you will be able to take breathtakingly beautiful pictures in the best location around Slovenia.

From famous landmarks, spectacular views, trendy hotspots, and hidden gems you will experience the absolute best and take amazing Instagram pictures with a professional who knows how to capture those moments and settings that will make your Instagram feed speechless.

So if you love to travel, explore wonderful places, capture them on camera (or your phone) and create a beautiful Instagram feed with photos during your vacations, this tour is for you!

How does it work?

We will start our day early in the morning and try to catch some morning shots on the way. We will mostly skip the highway this time and explore country roads and visit several interesting places on the way. Somewhere during the day, we will grab lunch in a local restaurant to not just see Slovenia, but also taste it. In the afternoon we will visit one of the places which will be our perfect spot for enjoying the sunset. After the sunset, we will return to our morning meeting point where we will finish our tour around Slovenia.

What does it include?

• A whole day of exploring around Slovenia
• Transportation
• Tips and tricks about phone photography
• Lunch – This tour will also have a culinary side – you will have a chance to taste Slovenian traditional food
• Consider this tour as a private tour where I will adjust your wishes as far as possible

Extras on request

• Being your personal photographer during the day – a perfect deal if you are preparing an engagement surprise or you just wanna have some professional photos of you, during your trip
• Picnic basket full of Slovenian goods (local cheese and other goods with a bottle of Slovenian wine/beer) for proper sunset moment