Hakuna Matata

16 junija, 2017 Urša Drofenik

Hakuna Matata

They dance.. they sing.. everywhere.. Hakuna matata.. ‘Take it easy’ – The most frequent phrase I have heard during my stay down there. And you need to start living it, the sooner the better. There’s no WiFi, no signal.. sometimes you don’t have a wish to take a shower.. sometimes you need to spend the whole day on bumpy roads.. and waiting for your food in restaurants.. well this takes ages. But remember.. hakuna matata.

Africa. Don’t really know where to start.. most probably with pictures that we have in our mind, with stereotypes, with ideas.. well.. erase it! It is totally different from what I’ve seen on TV, movies, school.. I went there without any expectations, I didn’t even want to check where exactly we are going.. I wanted to have it like that.. I wanted to have my own impression, my own experience, without expectations. And this is exactly what happened.. 8 amazing days, which went from ‘Wow..’ to ‘I ‘m coming back, soon!’

Every day was something unique. From meeting wild elephants on a first day to totally wet walk around Victoria Falls. From a day spent in Chobe national park, where we were surrounded with animals to a lovely boat ride during sunset. From passing borders, collecting stamps (my favorite thing :)) to writing down all the formulars, for which you don’t really know if anyone will check them later. And here comes my favorite part of this trip – 3 days of Okavango delta.. it was pretty much a private experience.. just the 4 us.. exploring delta on a boat.. watching sunsets.. the most relaxing days in my last few years. Did I mention there was no WiFi.. and no signal? From there the trip was nearly finished. A few more days spent in Namibia, mostly driving to Windhoek, but we stopped in Ghanzi to meet the locals. Bushmen. They do not live anymore as they used to live, but they are happy to share what they know and to give us an impression how they used to live.

And if I return to the stereotypes.. I had so many questions.. about how they live.. how they think.. sometimes I was even embarrassed when I was asking these stupid questions.. but I must say I found myself there. The connection that they are having with nature is enviable. They do respect it, they do live with it and I really hope that they will keep it like that. But don’t listen to what I say.. go, and see!

Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

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Chobe National Park (Botswana)

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Okavango River (Namibia)

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Okavango Delta (Botswana)

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Ghanzi – Windhoek (Namibia)

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And here comes all in one movie:

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Photos made with Canon M5