Getting lost..

23 oktobra, 2015
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23 oktobra, 2015 Urša Drofenik

Getting lost in the right direction

I had an opportunity to use some of the out of office reply’s in October and this was one of them. There were a few ideas where to go.. from Kredarica to seaside, but I end up on a bike above Dovje on the trail I didn’t know with quite good description where to go. As there was no one having time going with me and since I am kind of a ‘better an oops than a what if’ person I decided to go on my own.. well yes.. Mona was also there.

When they say to you ‘It’s easy, you can’t get lost’ you will for sure be lost sooner or later. And so I was.. When I was going down I came to the point where I lost the trail and start looking for it in totally wrong direction. There were a few moments when I start asking myself what to do, especially when I got to the river creek which was quite hard to pass.. But eventually after an hour and a half of losing myself, I found it.. and from that point on there was a giant smile on my face and I could say that this trail immediately become one of my favorite.. of course when I will find this lost trail up there.

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Photos taken with Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II