From Sea to Summit

12 junija, 2017
12 junija, 2017 Urša Drofenik

From Sea to Summit.. and back.

FreeSpirit Hangout week(end) happened in a lovely town Jezera at Murter in Croatia. It was a week dedicated to sailing, freediving, hanging out and photography.

Unfortunately, it happened that I couldn’t join for the whole week but at the end, I’ve managed to share some of the advice of how to make better photos with phones or any other devices. We spent a lovely day on the sea. Sailing, supping, freediving.. But the story wasn’t just about what we did, it was mostly about us.. about people who were part of this week.. short or long stay. It didn’t matter. We had fun wherever we were.

After my long trip it would be quite normal to go home after we cleaned the lovely house, which was our home during the Hangout week, but.. I couldn’t. I’ve spent the whole Saturday afternoon in my hammock looking at the sea, reading a book, enjoying the moment… And when I got back, a plan for Sunday was already made.. guys decided for Sea to Summit expedition.

We woke up at really unhuman hour, drove to the place where we started our walk to the highest Croatian summit – Dinara (1830 m). We had it all.. cold, wind and of course, the most expected, heat. It was tough, at the end we didn’t talk to each other at all.. but.. when we jumped into the sea and got that gemišt or beer, we all agreed that it was worth it. And this Swedish-Croatian-Slovenian expedition ended with new plans.. We need to get ourselves on Triglav (2864 m) and of course on Kebnekaise (2097 m).  We forgot to set the timing, but.. I really hope, this plan will not fade away.

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Photos made with Canon M5 and GoPro Hero5