26 oktobra, 2018 Urša Drofenik


Ruang untuk samua | Spazio libero | Espace libere | Freiraum | Prostor svobode | مساحة فارغة | Fri plads | Espacio libre | bo’sh joy | …

Freespace can mean anything and it can be understood in so different ways. It can describe a generosity of spirit and a sense of humanity. It can focus on architecture’s ability to provide free and additional spatial gifts to those who use it. It can provide an opportunity to emphasize nature’s free gifts of light. It can empathize freedom to imagine the free space of time and memory, binding past, present, and future together.

At 16th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice you have a chance to see how other countries understood ‘Freespace’ and most of all, you are able to feel it.. or not.

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Photos were taken with Canon 6D mark II