Fall in sLOVEnia

25 oktobra, 2017 Urša Drofenik

Fall in sLOVEnia

This fall was a bit different from what I am used. But if I look at it a bit more closely it was exactly what I needed and what I am.

In summer I got an offer to be part of a project about Slovenian parks.. parks that were reconstructed after the winter almost 4 years ago when rain suddenly turned into an ice and destroyed a lot. Homes of many were damaged, a lot of people were cut off from the civilization for weeks.. and what also suffered there were trees. They just couldn’t handle the weight of ice on their branches so they were falling down one after another. But time heals, also trees. You can still see that something horrible happened not so long ago, but many new trees were planted so there will still be something to see and enjoy even when we will be already gone.

As a landscape architect by profession and photographer by passion, it was pretty much logic that I will do it.. I will go there.. I will take photos at more than 40 locations all over Slovenia which were part of this big reconstruction.. and I have enjoyed every second spent out there.

AVENUES may be found all over around Slovenia, next to the important road, parks.. Avenues usually emphasize the “coming to” an important place, they lead you from one place to another.

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CASTLES and VILAS around our small county are some in really good shape but most of them are still waiting for better times. And where there was a nice building there was also a nice garden around..

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And who doesn’t love PARKS and GARDENS? City ones, thematic, historic, natural…

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This is what came out of almost two months driving around Slovenia. There will be a book published soon and you are more than welcome to take it to your hands and read all these interesting stories about amazing places we know nothing about. For a better impression, I would recommend you to go there on a walk or take your picnic blanket, a bottle of your favorite wine, sit down and enjoy the moment.. all locations of parks above are marked on this MAP.