Eurpean Outdoor Film Tour

6 oktobra, 2017
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6 oktobra, 2017 Urša Drofenik

European Outdoor Film Tour

To start with what European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F. T.) is? It is the most renowned film event on the European outdoor calendar. It is heading to more than 300 venues in 14 countries showing inspirational protagonists with a heartfelt passion for adventure and the great outdoors. I have been following E.O.F. T. since it came to Slovenia. It’s kind of a must-see event for all adventure souls out there. Movies are taking you out there.. to nature.. to the extremes.. to the limits.. and breathtaking views. There are no scripts, no actors, no special effects.. only true stories, authentic characters and breath-taking actions.

This year I was really honored that BMW Slovenia invited me to a premiere of E.O.F.T. which happened in the beginning of October in Munchen. And it happened again.. an evening full of inspiration.. new ideas where to go and what to do were just filling up my bucket list.  This year you can be impressed by snowkiting and kayaking cross Greenland’s gigantic ice sheets, by two enthusiasts who decided to make a dugout canoe and explore the mystical Amazon region in it and the story about Simone and Tamara as partners in crime when it comes to ski mountaineering and climbing.. and many many more. To be even more convinced that this is a must-see event, check out this trailer.

And as we were already in Munchen we took a walk around the city park and took a bit of a detour to Worthsee. We would do more, but the weather was not that nice, but a nice looking BMW took us home safely even in not so good conditions for driving.

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