Do your first

19 julija, 2018
19 julija, 2018 Urša Drofenik

Do your first

When was the last time you did something for the very first time? Something that you never thought about.. something that pushed you out of your comfort zone..

I got a challenge this summer addressed by Canon. They have asked me to do three new things and capture them with their equipment. And so it happened.. brainstorming with lots of ideas, but I needed to find ones that will be a bit different from what I usually do. And so it was.

First one happened to be quite obvious and long expected – paragliding above Vipava valley. The plan was to fly into the sunset and catch a golden hour, but weather conditions this summer are really not something we can be happy about. But we managed to fly and it was as perfect as it can be. I really hope I will find time and courage to get up there more often.

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The second one was a bit different – flyfishing on the Soča river. A lovely misty morning on and in the river, catching fish and enjoying the amazing place. A must try and dangerous thing to do as you can get addicted to peacefulness and excitement when you catch a fish. For the record, even if we were in “catch&release” zone, all the fish released themselves before we even managed to save them and put them back to the river.

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And here comes the third one. I’m really happy that I’ve put myself on the list for a donation of stem cells last year. I knew that the chances that my cells will match someone are quite low, but I’ve told my self.. “you never know what might happen”. And so it was, there was a match. In May I got a call that they would like to proceed with the procedure and collect my stem cells to help a girl with leukemia somewhere in Europe. And so it happened.. tests, controls and finally 5 days course of injections prior to collection to stimulate the bone marrow and increase the number of stem cells and white blood cells in the blood. On the last day, they have collected my stem cells with a cell-separating machine. It was a day spent with one needle in each arm for five hours, one was to get my blood to a machine and the other one to return it back to my body. On the same night, they have made a transplantation to a girl.. she got another chance to fight for her life. She got another chance to live.

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What about you.. Will you jump from the hill (with a parachute in your backpack of course)? Will you try something new and totally different?

Have you ever donated blood? Are you on the list?

..What will be your next first?


Photos were taken with Canon M50 and 6D mark II