Night ride

23 januarja, 2016
23 januarja, 2016 Urša Drofenik

Night ride

Crazy things happen when there is a full moon and this night ride was one of them for sure.

We went up there in the late afternoon so we just caught sunset on the edge of the mountain which was covered with snow. It is kind of sad that mountains closer to the coast are almost having more snow than the ones in our mountain area, but that’s the way it is. We got what we were looking for – snow, full moon and bike ride all in one. And yes it really was a night to remember. We were riding down in two conditions starting with snow ride from the mountaintop to the hunters hut and from there on there was a nice dry trail all the way to the car in the valley.

We finished with a few new bruises but with a huge smile on our face and I can say that I am really looking forward what will next full moon bring to us.

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Photos taken with Canon EOS 5D mark III