La Biennale

8 novembra, 2016
8 novembra, 2016 Urša Drofenik

La Biennale

They say that you haven’t been in Venice if you haven’t had a coffee at Plazza St. Marco, drove through channels with vaporetto or bought a mask or one of these nice glassy dust catchers..

But there’s so much more you can see and do in Venice.. visiting Biennale is just one of these amazing things, which includes walking in the backstage of Venice. Seeing architecture projects from all over the world and some amazing installations which are just calling for staying there and enjoying in the moment. It will also help choosing the right warm sunny day in the autumn when you can easily drink Aperol spritz just there in the middle of Arsenal just at the time of sunset. And above all, it was also a nice romantic idea to sleep on Murano island in just perfect apartment.

The only thing which can get wrong is not knowing that Monday is not the right day to visit Biennale, because it is closed so two days adventure didn’t happen as it was planned.. and it also might help if you check timetables and final destination of the boats on the way back if you really don’t want to be stuck in Venice for a bit longer as you have planned.

But this charming city is always worth going back.. so Venice, until the next time.

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