Earn your turns

29 januarja, 2017
29 januarja, 2017 Urša Drofenik

Earn your turns

It’s not always so easy to decide which escape destination is the best one when there are so many tempting options.. but what you choose at the end it should be a win-win solution in all ways.

And so it was.. I had a wish to catch sunset just under Mt. Mangart. It would be perfect if we would be there a few minutes earlier, but.. as I said it was a win-win combination. We checked a few nice icy waterfalls before we hit the road up there. Snow was just perfect for ski, no rock’n’roll this time, the view.. well the view, I guess you need to check it on your own to believe me that it is worth walking up there from the bottom. And I need to mention that Mona got her rescue hero this time.. snow was that deep that she couldn’t follow us so we decided to give her a lift on some parts of the trail.

I would say that I do recommend this escape if you are looking for something nice, but not so easy. But who said that things should be easy.. 🙂

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Photos were taken with iPhone 7