Choco with Spaghetti

10 maja, 2017
10 maja, 2017 Urša Drofenik

Choco with Spaghetti

Even if we were in the land of chocolate and spaghetti, it wasn’t just that. Well.. we did cook a lot as the weather was totally perfect to stay inside and do the magic in the kitchen, but we also managed to use all the toys we took with us.

Plans were optimistic, 5 days in Ticino (CH) and 3 days at Garda (IT).. hiking, biking, canyoning, discovering.. but the weather was as dynamic as our ‘program’, we got it all, snow, rain, wind, sun… in all possible combinations.

After all we managed to hike to Monte Cimetta where it would be most logically to took the skis with us as there was from 5-40cm of fresh snow. On the last day in Ticino, we actually decided to do what we came for to this valley – canyoning. We went to see Cresciano canyon which was one of the safest to do as the water is regulated by the hydropower plant. So swimming suits and neopren.. checked.

The only not used (and dry) toy in the car were bikes. And we used them on the first day at Garda. It was actually the best day of the whole week so it would be a sin not to go up there, to see the lake from above and snowy Altissimo and Baldo on the other side.

To avoid Garda’s traditional May monsoon we hit the road back home a day earlier. Don’t know if I really learned something, as I think I will try to put Garda into May agenda even next year, overall it was 50% of good weather, so.. why not. After all, looking at the photos it really does look nice. 🙂

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Made with iPhone7 and GoPro Hero5