Action always beats intention

11 decembra, 2016
Posted in Dogs, SAR
11 decembra, 2016 Urša Drofenik

Action always beats intention..

.. and this is what we are doing in our free time. Our free time is dedicated to Search and rescue team.

You can also call it ‘other life’, you are having another (a bit extended) family and most of all you are having a daily chance to play.. play with dogs which are in one way our ‘tool’ to help to find people who get lost and on the other hand, they are an indispensable part of our lives as important and unforgettable family members.

Photos were taken at the weekend training, where we were put in front of different challenges which will give us imprtant experiences when it will go for real real actions.

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Photos were taken with Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II