It ain’t over

March 26, 2019
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March 26, 2019 Urša Drofenik

It ain’t over yet..


We are not doing spring yet.

Spring officially started last week and to be honest, we are having more or less spring temperatures since the beginning of February. Although I like warm and dry weather I’m having a feeling that I’ve missed everything as I didn’t catch a proper day on the snowy mountains since November.

There were many reasons why I didn’t go searching for that dose of happiness in the mountains.. and one of them is for sure Mona’s injury. We are stuck since the end of December because of a knee injury and a tumor on the same leg (which was removed just on time). She is recovering, but we need to be careful and taking it easy as it seems that a knee operation will not be needed. #fingerscrossed

And when you think you’ve missed it all.. you got another chance. We got another package of snow. We woke up on a nice sunny morning with mountains with sugar on top. And what was the nicest thing about the whole morning drive? I was walking on fresh 5 cm of snow just 7km away from my home, of course, with Mona by my side. I couldn’t wish for more. So spring.. you can bring it on now!